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BOB Unity Infant Carrier

So much has changed since my boys were babies and so I’m learning about all the new products on the market. Now I know baby capsules have been around forever but I never used them, I always went straight for the convertible baby seat that was suitable for newborn to 3-4ish years old.

 You have probably seen around the internet lately about BOB strollers, well they also make baby carriers (capsules). Britax Safe-n-Sound has released the all new BOB Unity Infant Carrier that is Australia’s only infant carrier that is suitable for newborn to 12 months of age. I am not entirely sure any of my kids would fit this at 12 months but I do seem to breed them big; I’d think it would cater them until approx. 6-9 months but I can only judge from the size of my kids.

 I do love that it is quite a compact design which is great for smaller cars. I can fit this BOB carrier along with 2 booster seats into the back seat of my 2012 Toyota Corolla. Obviously there is a lot more space in my husbands’ Nissan Pathfinder that the requirement to have compact seats aren’t as important.


The design is great as it is so easy to use and the base adjusts for levelling when installing. It is easy to clip in and out of the car – even for a first time capsule user like myself. The rotating carry handle allows for that extra comfort when carrying and the high side walls provide additional safety. I did think it would have more padding than it does but as I mentioned before this is the first capsule I have ever had so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. That is not to say there is no padding at all – there definitely is and it appears to be quite soft, comfortable and safe (technology has undeniably advanced in the way of padding).


The BOB Unity Infant Carrier comes in 2 colour options – Black/Blue & Orange.

They can be purchased from:




Prices range from $299-$399

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  1. 31/05/2013 / 5:32 pm

    Lovely to come across this review – we are expecting bubba number 2 in a few months and I’ve been looking around for a good capsule since like yourself we have not used one in the past. Could you perhaps update us with a picture of how it clips into the car? I really wanna find one that’s easy to use and preferably not too expensive!

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