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Serenity Rocker by Steelcraft

Rockers and bouncers are a baby item nearly every family has had at some stage in their lives. It is one that I personally couldn’t have lived without when my boys were babies and their sister (who is set to grace us with her presence on the 11th June) will be no different. However since it has been 4 years since gave our loved bouncer away and we had to make a new selection.

The Serenity Rocker by Steelcraft offers everything our old one did but with more features and benefits. I love that it can be used as a rocker or can be used in a stationary position, it is very easy to swap between the two as well. Along with folding conveniently for storage or transport it also has 3 seating positions for additional relaxation and a padded seat, supportive headrest, shoulder harness and crotch pad for extra comfort.

Another feature that I am very fond of is the vibration and music function, the one we used for our boys had this feature and it was great as the vibration soothed them. This rocker is suitable for use from newborn – 9kg.

The Serenity Rocker is available to purchase from:




Prices range from $99-$140.

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