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Breastfeeding how you’re comfortable!

*This post is now a tad outdated as it sat in my drafts for months. I thought it had been published and no one cared for the post but it turns out I hadn’t hit publish! So here is the post about my journey breastfeeding my now 11 month old daughter*

Me and Poppet

I’m sure you all know that I have a 12 week old baby, if you don’t than you must be new around here so welcome. Anyway, what you may not know is that I am a breastfeeding mum. I am not anti-formula. I believe whatever you are comfortable doing as a mum is what is best for baby and that not everyone can breastfeed. I however can and do ~ proudly! I breastfed both my boys when they were babies however they were mix-fed from early on and shortly after were 100% formula. This was not entirely by choice but more that my supply couldn’t keep up with their very healthy appetite. B1 was approx. 8 weeks old and B2 was approx. 10 weeks old before they were no longer satisfied.


I was not discouraged when I couldn’t continue to breastfeed them, it was just not meant to be. They were being fed formula and their appetites were being fulfilled so I was content knowing that they were happy and healthy. Now as I mentioned I have a 12 week old baby girl and I am so pleased to report that I am still breastfeeding – successfully! In the first week it was touch and go as she had attachment issues and caused severe damage and bleeding to my nipples but with the help of some amazing nipple shields (*Tommee Tippee Miomee Silicone Nipple Shields*) we resolved those first initials hiccups and allowed myself time to heal while still being able to breastfeed and continue to do so. Poppet is feeding like a champion and without any further complications; I wasn’t expecting to be breastfeeding for any time in particular but used the timeline of the boys as a guide. We have however surpassed and exceeded the duration I thought I was ever destined to breastfeed for and with Hadley being so content and happy to continue; I am feeling so pleased that I am finding it hard to explain in words. I am beyond proud of myself and if I can say in all honesty I feel like I have a closer bond with her because we have accomplished this together. If I had to stop breastfeeding her tomorrow I would be able to do so knowing that we gave it everything we had and I gave her the best start to life I could. This may be my third child but I am amazed at how much you can still learn, how much more you can grow as a person and how each day you can be proud of everything you accomplish as a woman and mother.

*This post is NOT sponsored in any which way. I mentioned the nipple shields as they were an amazing help to me and recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.

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  1. 15/05/2014 / 10:03 pm

    Good on you.
    My 3rd baby was my best breast feeding story too!! He breast fed for nearly 6 months then we mixed fed for a couple of months and he stopped altogether a few weeks ago.
    I was pretty happy with myself for going as long as we did!!

    • Mad Mummas
      17/05/2014 / 11:50 pm

      That’s great Ann! It’s always a proud moment when you exceed your expectations. How old is your little one now?

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