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Quick Meals and Healthy Eating | Chef Direct by Marathon Foods Review

Life is busy. There is no denying it. Throw full-time jobs and four kids into the mix and it quickly becomes chaotic.

Some days it hits 5.30pm and I haven’t even thought about dinner, let alone have something nutritious cooking and ready to serve my family. The same goes for when you are camping with kids, it becomes more about convenience and less about healthy options. Which is why when Marathon Foods asked us if we wanted to try their new Chef Direct range we couldn’t say YES fast enough!

Marathon Foods Direct Chef lamb shanks

Chef Direct Range

I recently met the founder of Marathon Foods and I immediately felt drawn to the brand. With a family of her own, she understands how busy life is and how difficult it can be to have healthy meals prepared each and every night when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking.

The Chef Direct range is not only tasty but also nutritious. Better yet, they only take minutes (you read that right, MINUTES) to prepare. Now I’ll be honest, when I found out they didn’t require freezing or refrigeration, I was sceptical. I mean, how tasty could shelf stable meals really be? With a camping trip planned, I thought this was the best time to give them a go and it saved a heap of space in our fridge and esky not having to keep them cold.

Camping with kids at Chichester State Forest with campfire

Camping – Marathon Foods Chef Direct Review

Dinner time was approaching and the kids were getting hungry so I grabbed a packet of Marathon Chef Direct beef meatballs out of the car and heated them. Normally we would have a pot to boil water with however I forgot to pack it so instead of warming the Chef Direct meatballs in water, I busted the packet open and poured it straight in the pan. Seriously minutes later I added some plain pasta that I had cooked before we left and the kids were demolishing it faster than I could dish it up!

Marathon Foods chef direct beef meatballs camping with kids

They were a HUGE hit! I was also surprised by the amount of food in one packet of meatballs, it was enough to feed 2x adults and 7x children. We were camping with friends and their children (two of which are fussy eaters) and they all emptied their bowls and came back for seconds.

Marathon Foods Direct Chef empty camping bowls

Next it was time to feed the adults. With the option of Lamb Shank with Mint Gravy or Lamb Shank with Red Wine & Rosemary, they feasted like kings. There is one large lamb shank in each packet and the meat just falls off the bone. Seriously just falls off and the sauce is tasty that once the lamb was eaten everyone soaked the sauce up with bread. SO GOOD!

The flavours are perfect, not overpowering and not requiring extra sauce to add flavour. Marathon Foods have mastered their Chef Direct creations.

Home – Marathon Foods Chef Direct Review

My husband does shift work and leaves for work at 4pm on nightshift, this doesn’t leave much time to get his dinner ready after picking the kids up from school. One day in particular I was super rushed for time and remembered I had the quick meals from Marathon Foods so heated a Lamb Shank with Mint Gravy and leftover mash potato for his dinner. Needless to say, he was satisfied and full when he left for work and I spent a total of 6 minutes preparing a delicious and nutritious meal.

Marathon Foods Direct Chef lamb shanks

Chef Direct by Marathon Foods product details

  • Healthy eating without the effort
  • Quick and easy
  • Marathon Chef Direct creations are shelf stable meals for busy kitchens
  • Meals are made fresh and kept that way by use of clever technology and packaging without the need for refrigeration or freezing.
  • Free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and there is no added MSG.
  • Available at IGA

The Chef Direct range includes: Beef Meatballs, con Carne, Lamb Shanks with Mint Gravy, Lamb Shank Red Wine & Rosemary.

Lamb shanks pantry to tableChef direct beef meals pantry to tableThe Chef Direct range from Marathon Foods are perfect for camping, quick meals at home, entertaining or when you simply don’t want to cook. I will be keeping some of these meals handy in my pantry for those spontaneous camping trips and busy days where I’m exhausted but still need to feed the kids something nutritious.

I absolutely love this range and think Marathon Foods have nailed it – healthy eating, convenient and tasty!

Have you tried the new Chef Direct range by Marathon Foods?

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