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Darrell Lea Rippers Reviews + Giveaway

Chocolate. Rocklea Road. Chocolate. Oh and now lollies as well. Is there anything not to love about Darrell Lea?! That’s rhetorical, don’t feel obliged to answer.

I am guilty of having a sweet tooth, not all the time but when that craving hits… boy does it hit! This craving had me at its mercy yesterday and so I busted open a packet of the new Darrell Lea Rippers to see if they’d fill the void. I’m happy to report the raspberry Rippers did the job perfectly!

Darrell Lea Rippers reviews #DLEAFACEON competition

Darrell Lea Rippers reviews

You are reading this article for one of two reasons… you want to know if the 25% less sugar also means 25% less flavour or you are wanting to enter the amazing Darrell Lea factory tour giveaway #DLEAFACEON. If you are here for the comp, keep scrolling down.

For sweet tooths looking for Darrell Lea Rippers reviews, let’s get started.

Darrell Lea Rippers


Rippers review – Raspberry and Grape

Raspberry: I was immediately drawn to the raspberry flavour. I suspect this is due to growing up with raspberry liquorice ropes. The Darrell Lea raspberry Rippers taste similar and are my favourite of the lot.

Grape: I’ll be honest, I do not love this flavour BUT the kids do which works out perfect if you ask me. Raspberry for me and grape for them.

Rippers review – Blackcurrant and Green Apple

Blackcurrant: This is another favourite for the kids (perhaps they just like purple?) It has a very fruity flavour with the right amount of sweet, not too much but enough to still taste like a treat.

Green Apple: I do not like green apple flavoured anything, including green apples. However, I really don’t mind the green apple Rippers. They have that sour tang of a green apple without the overly sweet kickback.

Rippers review – Orange and Lime

Orange: The orange flavour is a huge hit with both myself and the kids. It reminds me of the Vitamin C I used to take as a child but without the fizz. It is the orange flavour you expect from orange lollies. It’s a winner!

Lime: Yum! The lime Rippers are awesome. It has the sweet lime flavour of confectionery with a light citrusy hit. You can’t eat a heap of this flavour in one sitting as it does become a little overpowering.

Darrell Lea Rippers review #DLEAFACEON giveaway

Would I buy Darrell Lea Rippers again?

Yes. And I have. Darrell Lea sent a box of them to try but with camping trips, school class parties and PMS episodes, they were demolished pretty quickly so I had to go and replenish our stock.

As they are new and on sale at the moment, I grabbed quite a few packets of the Raspberry and Grape Rippers and the Orange and Lime Rippers. Our local supermarket had sold out of the Blackcurrant and Green Apple Rippers. In light of them flying off the shelves here, I recommend getting in quick and picking up some Rippers while they are still on special at your local Woolworths.

Better choices start at home

“In addition to eating healthy meals, fruit and veg, yoghurt and cheese (our toddler would eat this and nothing more if we allowed it) we also ensure our family gets enough exercise. We are quite active, love the outdoors and know that as part of a balanced diet it is also okay for kids and adults to treat themselves. It is all about moderation.” – You can find ways to encourage healthy eating here.

Both my husband and I have always felt that by not completely eliminating ‘sometimes foods’ and giving our kids the option to have it, has helped us to educate them in making healthier eating choices.

“There is research to suggest that not allowing children to have treats has negative effects. Depriving children of foods because they are bad only makes them crave them more and it is also a risk factor for developing eating problems later in life.” – Leanne Hall, psychologist and nutrition expert.

Darrell Lea Rippers review #DLEAFACEON

Darrell Lea Rippers – product details

  • Three varieties – each packet contains two different flavours. Rippers are available in these flavours: Raspberry and Grape, Orange and Lime, Blackcurrant and Green Apple
  • All natural colours and flavours. No preservatives
  • They have 25% less sugar than similar products
  • Darrell Lea is the first major Australian confectionery company to respond to consumer demands and introduce a reduced-sugar product
  • Designed to bend, peel, shape and rip – play with your food
  • Available from Woolworths
  • 250g pack

Darrell Lea Rippers #dleafaceon competition

Darrell Lea #DLEAFACEON Giveaway

To win, you have to purchase a pack of Rippers (on special at the moment!) and then create a fun & crazy face using the product.

Post the image to your Facebook or Instagram page with #DLEAFACEON

The best one every two weeks wins.

What you will win:

  • Trip to the Darrell Lea factory in Sydney (from your major capital city) with a parent/guardian and up to 2 friends
  • All-you-can-eat tour of the factory
  • Make your own Rocklea Road bar
  • Take home samples (plus more will be sent to you two more times through the year)

Find out more info here about how to enter and what you can win.

Have you entered to WIN the Darrell Lea #DLEAFACEON competition yet?

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