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Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

We do a lot of travelling and camping which means we rely on easy healthy snacks for toddlers to keep them happy and delay them getting hangry.

Unfortunately a lot of the quick and convenient options are not ideal health wise for the kids so we jump at the chance to try healthier alternatives. Like most parents, we are busy and yes sometimes the kids will scoff down a packet of chips instead of a piece of fruit but it’s all about balance.

Organix goodies carrot corn puffs | easy healthy kids snacks

Easy healthy snacks for toddlers

We have a few ‘go to’ snacks for kids when we are out and about because if we didn’t, we would spend an absolute fortune buying fast food and let’s face it, no one wants their kids to be putting that crap in their bodies.

Easy Healthy Snacks For Toddlers | lunch box
We try to give the kids options when it comes to healthy snacks because we all get bored if we eat the same thing all the time. Think food choices like yoghurt, cheese and rice biscuits, fruit and even sandwiches/wraps but what about snacks that don’t require a fridge or to be kept cool?

We opt for plain popcorn, rice cakes with vegemite, dried fruit (such as sultanas, apple and apricots) and a few of the Organix Goodies toddler snacks.

organix goodies oat mini bites | healthy toddler snacks | Easy Healthy Snacks For Toddlers

What are Organix Goodies?

Our girls aged 3 and 1 love the Organix farm animal biscuits and Organix corn puffs in all flavours. This is great because the puffs are only $2 a packet and as Organix are ambassadors of healthy eating choices, their Organix No Junk Promise reassures us that our kids have real, healthy and nutritious food (with convenience). All Organix foods contain only the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary.

Organix no junk promise weaning food

You’ll find Organix Goodies:

• Coles – Organix baby biscuits; Goodies Carrot Stix & Tomato Noughts & Crosses, Mini Oaty Bites, Animal Biscuits.
• Woolworths – Organix baby biscuits and fruit pots; Goodies Carrot Stix, Cheese & Herb Puffs & Tomato Noughts & Crosses.

Girls sitting down eating organix goodies farm biscuits | healthy toddler snacks

Healthy snacks help our little explorers go further and give us parents the convenience of not having to make everything from scratch when we set off on our next adventure, wherever that may be.

What are your easy healthy snacks for toddlers when out and about?

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  1. 09/03/2017 / 2:53 pm

    These are all great snacks! We love the Little Bellies range as well for yummy snack choices that are healthier for baby 🙂

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