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Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion review

Mums are busy. Like really busy. And it’s all the time.

This often means that even though we want (and often need) a bit of self-love, some relaxation time and possibly even a trip to the beauty salon, it just isn’t viable with the kids at home. So what is a mum supposed to do?

DIY Beauty treatment | mask on woman's face

At home beauty treatments

Mums make do with at home beauty treatments. Thankfully there are some quite good ones available that have amazing results, and for a fraction of the price of a professional beautician. There are a few things busy women and mums can do to freshen their tired skin and feel on top of the world.

Face masks

There is a face mask for every skin type and skin concern, so you know that for just a few dollars you can get a face mask that provides several benefits in one easy application. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can cleanse, clarify, moisturise, etc. by selecting the right type of mask. Just probably avoid this one, watch the video to see why!


Put a good movie on when the kids are in bed and pull out those dusty nail polishes. Give your nails a makeover and some much needed attention. They deserve it just as much as you do!

paint nails - DIY beauty

Wax it

Not what I would call relaxing but it can be done be at home and doesn’t need to take up valuable time waiting for the previous appointment that ran long. Give your bits, whichever bits they are, a tidy up.


At home microdermabrasion doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. With a professional microdermabrasion cost of approx. $80 per treatment, the Homedics Microdermabrasion cuts hundreds off the expense after just a few uses.

Ideal for use on the face, neck and hands, this Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion review will tell you exactly what I thought of this nifty little gadget. Upon opening the package, I was presented with an elegantly designed device in a quality foam-filled storage box that has a specific place for every part.

Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion review

Everything from charging to putting the Homedics microdermabrasion machine to use is easy and straightforward, taking only 5 minutes a treatment. The instructions are very simple to understand and I couldn’t wait to put this gadget to work. There are a few different suction levels available so you can change them to suit the sensitivity of the area. This device uses salon grade diamond tips to exfoliate, whilst the vacuum massage removes dead skin and stimulates regrowth of new skin underneath. This leaves you with healthier, silkier, more radiant looking complexion. But most importantly, it is pain free microdermabrasion!

Action shot Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion review

After the initial use of the cordless machine, my skin felt smoother, which surprised me. I had no idea that after just a couple of weeks my skin would be softer, smoother and look fresher. Yes, on the box it says that is what I should expect however I am always a tad sceptical when it comes to promises / statements like these and prefer to see results for myself.

My skin has always been fairly clear however after using the Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion my skin was left exfoliated, fresh looking and to be honest it felt so much better than it did before.

All Mum Said - at home beauty

Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion review – find out more

Stockists – Products available in assorted stockists including Myer, Shaver Shop, Good Guys, Betta Electrical and good retailers.
• For more information you can check out the Homedics website.
RRP $199.95

I hope this list of at home beauty treatments and Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion review helps you to take a little time for yourself. Every little thing us mums (and dads) can do to look and feel that bit more refreshed, is worth doing!

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How do you rejuvenate your skin? Share below!

Disclosure: I received the  Homedics Radiance Microdermabrasion for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own.

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  1. 06/03/2017 / 7:19 am

    Wow your skin is glowing and looks so healthy! I love Pamper Sunday where I lay in a bath and relax with a face mask on!

  2. 06/03/2017 / 7:43 am

    Your skin looks gorgeous! I love getting a pedi done in my own time!

  3. 06/03/2017 / 10:46 am

    Good news in that review. It looks like it was a winner for you too!

  4. 06/03/2017 / 10:57 am

    Oh that poor lady for the face mask! I love a good face scrub and the micro dermabrasion looks like a great product! I wish I had more time to enjoy pampering!

  5. 06/03/2017 / 1:46 pm

    Ugh! I need to get my act together and do a full body treatment. I am slacking head to toe.


  6. 06/03/2017 / 8:23 pm

    I’m lazy and I don’t do anything! What’s skin care, when you’re a busy mum??? This product has definitely worked for you – great result!

  7. 07/03/2017 / 2:47 pm

    Haha I was going to say, I’m not sure waxing sounds relaxing. (But it rhymes, so it has that going for it.)

  8. Jacq
    09/03/2017 / 1:41 pm

    You look glowing Kell! ??


  9. Cindy
    21/03/2018 / 1:09 pm

    Your skin is gorgeous. I’m 61 but more wrinkled and sunspots from working outside all my life. I bought this microdermabrasion to rid dead skin. Boy I’ve made a mess…lol. Looks like Indian war paint from the movies. Girl, it’s like strips and spots of hickeys. What a hoot.it did get rid of massive dead skin?? but . Am homebound till my hickeys go away..lol. I used the softest diamond head and stayed to 2 passes. But my lovely loose skin would get sucked up In the vacuum. I tried to hold the skin tight…I failed. I’velaughed till I peed every time I see a mirror. What do you put on your skin afterward.? Did u use it in little circles?

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