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Excess baggage… a thing of the past!

Excess baggage… a thing of the past!

excess baggage

Travelling and seeing the world is the dream for many but packing light can be tough; particularly if you have children.

You have saved for months, maybe even years to go on that well-earned overseas holiday with the family. The last thing you want to do is have it ruined because of baggage restrictions.

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Kids need a lot of stuff

Families require a lot of extra luggage when travelling with kids. This is nothing new to parents but what they don’t know is that they don’t have to pay copious amounts of money to take the essentials with them.

In addition to the many bags required, children need to take bulky items such as: prams, car seats / booster seats and portacots. Sure you could load them on and off the plane and you would do it for the convenience of having the stuff with you, but have you thought about what excess baggage fees your airlines charges?

What about when you are visiting countries abroad and want to bring home souvenirs and clothing by the bulk? The cost of travelling is rising before you even get to leave.

excess baggage

Pack lighter while still taking the essentials

Did you know that there is another option?

An option that lets you get to and from your destination without having to lug around all of this extra gear. An option that takes your baggage to your destination and delivers it to your door, or from your from your destination to your home. * You can also elect to pick it up from the depot which is typically located 5 minutes from major airports.

excess baggage

If you think you may have exceeded your free luggage allowance, World Baggage is a revolutionary new way to send your additional belongings at a fraction of the excess baggage airline fees.

If you don’t or can’t travel light, then this is a great alternative that allows you to have the best of both worlds!

What are your tips to travel lighter and reduce excess baggage?

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