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Flowers 101: The Perfect Flowers to Send On Specific Events

A camellia symbolises excellence and passion; a single dahlia could come from a secret admirer, a gardenia for joy, a bright daisy to ask for forgiveness, and a daffodil in return for it depicts the truth. Sending flowers is a traditional expression of endearment. They can complement every event provided you match the proper flower for a given occasion. While some flowers can boost morale, some are meant to be mushy while still others can provide comfort in grief.

Flowers and occasions are to be matched with care. The essential criteria for sending perfect flowers on specific events should be the season and the personal preference of those who will receive them. However, here are some valuable suggestions that can be your starting point for gifting flowers.

perfect flowers for each occasion

  • Flowers to send for weddings

Light and pale-coloured flowers that are delicate in fragrance are apt for spring weddings, while flowers in gorgeously dark and vibrant hues will be an excellent choice for the fall nuptial event. You can also take a hint from the wedding colour theme and send bouquet combos like black and white, purple and lime, and gold and silver, etc. The 2019 wedding trend in flowers is peonies.

  • Anniversaries

The perfect flowers that add meaning to your floral bouquet for anniversary events would be those of remembrance and sharing. Something like white carnations and red chrysanthemum. If preferences and favourites are not known, you can select flowers by the anniversary year where geraniums are for fourth, and calla lilies are for the sixth anniversary, etc.

  • Father’s and Mother’s Days

Selecting the perfect flowers for these events is easy. The personal favourites will outweigh all tips. However, long-lasting tropical flowers are a great idea for fathers, while mothers can be surprised with carnation corsages or a lily of the valley bouquet.

  • Flowers to send for Charity or corporate meets

Consider flowering shrubs or branches, pots, and orchids. Options like cherry blossoms, magnolia, and quince can work great. These are appropriate for any event theme. Post-event they can be donated with ease to shelters, care homes, and soup kitchens too.

  • Funerals or sympathy events

The perfect selection of flowers that can be presented at funeral services, placed at the graveside, or taken back home by mourners. These can include forget-me-nots, gladiolas, hydrangeas, lilies, and white daisies among others.

  • Valentine’s or Date nights

Flowers given by lovers during Valentine’s Day or on dates mainly include roses. While red roses symbolise love and passion, a white one will convey purity and integrity of love. Primroses are a good option for young love. A rose bouquet with greens and foliage could be the perfect deal too.

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perfect flowers for each event macaroons

Whether the mood is celebratory or sombre, a flower can convey feelings with appropriate delight and empathy. If you are looking for a bountiful selection of the freshest and top quality flowers, you need to zero in on a reputable florist that caters to flowers and floral bouquets for all occasions. With Pearsons’ creativity, quality, and service, your wishes sent in flowers will be treasured for any event.

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