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Time Management Tips for Working Mums

Being a working mum is incredibly challenging. You are pushed and pulled in a million different directions as you try to manage your time and your family’s time as well. Working mums are often (but not always) carrying the mental load for their family as they fall into the role of chief decision-maker, head chef and project manager. Add that to increasing work hours and expectations and you’ve got a recipe for a panic attack.

Time management tips might be just what you (or a working mum who you know) need. If you follow the refrain of ‘work smarter not harder’, there are a lot of ways that you can reduce stress and claw back some of that much needed time for yourself.

time management tips for working mums

Time Management Tips for Time Poor Mothers

Grocery Shopping Online

This is an incredibly easy time-saving move to make. Ordering your groceries online and choosing your time of delivery represents a huge chunk of time saved.

Ordering groceries online has the dual effect of forcing you into meal planning. You have to think ahead as to what you’re going to be eating each and every night in order to make the most of your efficient ordering. This will cut down on the number of times you stop at the shops throughout the week to get ‘just a couple of things’. You’ll save money, you’ll be more organised and you’ll have that time back on a Sunday afternoon so you can actually rest up and enjoy the weekend.

Sharing Chores Digitally

Gone are the days of the humble chore list on the fridge.

Share the mental load by investing in organisational apps that your family can share. We love Wunderlist. You’re able to set up categories (eg. Groceries, Chores, Jobs to Do) and invite family members to be able to view the lists. You then write in everything that needs to be done and once items are complete they can be ticked off with a very satisfying ‘ding’! It takes the effort out of asking people in your house to do things over and over again plus it’s so portable and easy to access that you’ll never need a hand-written task again.

A key way to get some time back is to share the load, so stop thinking you have to do everything yourself. Ask the people around you to step up and help lighten your load. You may be a great mum but you’re not Super Woman, so don’t feel like you have to act like it all the time!

Prep, baby, prep!

We’ve already discussed meal prepping above but this can be extended to other areas in your life as a way to improve your time management strategy.

It goes without saying that your days are easier if lunchboxes and uniforms are sorted out the night before. Depending on the age of your children, and the capacity of your partner to help (if you have one), try to involve them in the process to get them used to the order that tasks have to be done in. You’ll open the doorway to getting them to be able to take on a larger share of the task when they’re older.

Time Charts

Look at your day and be honest with yourself about where you are spending your time. What can you cut down on? More importantly, what do you need more time for? If you’re reading this you’re probably already quite stressed out. You need to look after number one – and that means doing an honest audit and figuring out what you can get rid of so you can carve out more time for yourself.

Time Management Tips for Working Mums

What do you think? What works in your house? Let us know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks that we can share with our community!

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