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Ideas To Hide Bathroom Plumbing Pipes

Before you go and spend thousands of dollars renovating your bathroom just to hide those ugly exposed pipes, read this!

There are a number of things you can do to conceal your plumbing pipes and transform your bathroom that doesn’t require a complete reno. Here are some great options you can consider right now.

white bathroom ideas to hide bathroom plumbing pipes

Box In Pipes

When there is no budget to replace fixtures, boxing them in is a pretty good alternative. These are pretty easy to do when you have enough experience and skills. With some wood, tools and a measuring tape, you can box in most pipes.

When pipes run across the floor, you can create a box that would hide them and get a shelf in the process. If boxing in the pipes is too complicated, consider painting them to match the wall colour in order to blend everything in.

Buy New Bathroom Furniture

This is a really simple way you can hide pipes. There are plenty of choices when buying bathroom furniture. Opt for those that can hide pipes, like vanity units or indoor plants. The finish ends up cleaner and you can always get some extra storage or use the furniture to display decorations.

Fake Walls

When pipes run around your walls it is difficult to box them in. Instead of doing this, you can conceal pipes by simply building a plasterboard wall right in front of the wall. The option is really cost-effective, especially when the bathroom is large.

In most situations, you will want to hire builders in order to build the new wall. If you need to move toilets or basins so that they neatly fit against your new fake wall make sure you contact professionals like Fix It Right Plumbing in Sydney. When new lights have to be added, it is a good idea to contact a licensed electrician. Also, be sure you choose the right lights for the bathroom before you start the project.

bathroom with stones and bathtub

Wall Hung Toilets

These are preferred because the cistern and pipes are concealed inside the wall behind them. All that is visible is the flush plate and the pan. You end up with a minimal, sleek finish that offers you a modern, clean look.

Pedestal Basins

Basins that have semi or full pedestal are great to hide the pipes you do not want to see. Replacing the old sinks with them is not at all difficult and you get a really stylish outcome. There are countless options available in terms of size for pedestal basins. There is typically something available in every budget and style from traditional to modern.

Renovations are expensive and as you can see there are many ideas to hide bathroom plumbing pipes that don’t have to cost thousands or require a lot of effort.

Do you have any ideas to hide bathroom plumbing pipes?

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