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Is there a typical Australian family?


Is there a typical Australian family?

Families can vary greatly in all respect, so when it comes to the typical Australian family, it’s surprising to see that we probably have a lot more in common than not. Real Insurance’s survey of 1,000 Australians found that views on manners and gifts are some of the things that unite us, while holidays and parenting are some of the areas that don’t.

Money, dream homes, and cars

The majority of Australians (70%) admit to comparing their houses to others’ houses, and cars are another possession where Aussies tend to feel the pressure to keep up. However, only one in ten think they compare themselves more than they should, and most Aussies only occasionally compare or never compare themselves to others materially. Around one in five said they drove luxurious cars while their homes are average or shabby.

Only one-quarter of Aussies said they are living in their dream home, while another quarter said their current house is the best they could do. Aussies prefer contemporary-designed homes, farm houses away from the city, or traditionally designed and centrally located homes over McMansions in the suburbs or apartments.

When it comes to pocket money, Aussie parents are paying out $1.4 billion to their children (half of those aged under 20 and living at home) every year, or $16 on average each week. Of those between 16 and 20 years old and living at home, around 10% pay board. One-third of those aged 20 or more and living at home pay board.


The holidays

As far as holidays are concerned, one-fifth of Aussies said Christmas is just a nice time to get away from work, while one-fifth said it was a chore, stressful, full of consumerism, and associated with family tensions. Nearly a half (46.5%) said going away is important for keeping the family together and around 20% said they prefer to holiday without the kids. Another 20% said holidays are overrated and expensive.

Children and Aussie family dynamics

Most Australians do want to have kids, with just one in five Australians saying they don’t plan to have any kids. Women are more likely to want more than four kids, and around half want to have two kids, while one-quarter said they want to have three or more.

As for popularity, mums are most likely to be the most popular family members, followed by female partners or wives, and then male partners or husbands. Brothers are the most likely to be the least popular family member, followed by sisters and cousins.



Surprisingly, the survey found that values tend to align very well across the different generations, with family health, personal health, and relationship with partner being the most important regardless of generation.

Parental aspirations for kids

Aussie parents tend to aspire to uniqueness (66%) over popularity (34%) on behalf of their children, and 88% of parents said being healthy was more important than being attractive. 77% of parents said they’d want their child to be happy over smart if only one of the two qualities were allowed.

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