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Is Your Mummy Tummy Stressing You Out?

DID YOU KNOW: About 30% of women suffer from diastasis recti, abdominal separation, during pregnancy. Diastasis recti is a condition where the muscle line that splits your 6 pack pulls apart normally after 16 weeks into pregnancy due to the widening of the midline tissue from the weight of the growing fetus and pregnancy hormones.

There are many blogs and programs out there that help you snap the muscles back together through exercises. However, recently there have been new discoveries, based on the new study conducted by the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences (NIH)’s new study, that challenge the effectiveness and the safety of the so-called mum-tum exercises.

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What can I do to get rid of my mummy tummy?

First, consult with your health practitioner to better assess and understand the damage. While exercising is good for your general health, you want to be careful about which exercises you choose to do; you shouldn’t do anything that makes your stomach’s bulge or extends out too much if you have a mummy tummy.

There are various programs (Dia Method, for instance) that offer customised training to guide you through the journey. Some, such as Limitless Health and Fitness, offer online training as well.

You also want to eat healthier. Eat good fat, minimise wheat and dairy, and take your probiotic vitamins.

Most importantly, have a different attitude regarding your body. Your body goes through a major makeover while you are carrying a new life and then give birth to it. Be proud of the change. It is important that you focus more on being healthy and not stress so your body can recover.

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What if my case is more severe?

Those suffering from more severe mummy-tummy can consider mummy liposuction. Do not be harsh on yourself if the exercises alone are not working for you; as the new NIH study has shown, it is questionable whether they are actually effective or not. According to the lead professor who led the experiment, this means that we are basically back to square one in terms of how much we understand how to treat diastasis recti.

Technology has developed to help us accomplish our goals more efficiently. Once your muscles are weakened, the fat in your belly becomes even more stubborn than usual. There is no shame in turning to these cosmetic procedures to provide your body with the boost it deserves and needs to regain confidence. Watch the testimonials from women who have decided that enough is enough.

What do I need to know about the procedure?

The procedure is relatively simple and you will be able to return home the same day. Each body is unique and heals differently so speak with your doctor and plan out your post-procedure plan in advance. In addition, be sure to review your medical history and conditions to ensure you identify and understand any potential risks.

Now, most clinics would perform these surgeries while you are under conscious sedation to minimise the overall risks by not using general anaesthesia.

It is possible to gain back the weight but studies indicate that even if you do so, the fat is more evenly distributed so you don’t have a pregnant belly postpartum. Remember that liposuction shouldn’t be a substitute for good diet and exercises. It simply gives your body a major boost so you can have more confidence, motivation, and discipline needed to build and maintain your desired physique.

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