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Nuby Prima Orthodontic Pacifier

Some babies love them others not so much. They have many different names – dummy, pacifier, comforter, baby plug, the silencer and the list goes on. Now as I said some babes love them others don’t. Both my boys loved theirs when they were babies however from day one my daughter has had no interest in them at all. She won’t even humour the idea of keeping one in her mouth; she lets me put it in and pops it back out instantly almost like she is playing a game. I must admit though she really doesn’t need a dummy/pacifier at this stage; she is the most calm and relaxed baby I have met (so far anyway).

This does however make it a tad difficult to review the Nuby Prima Orthodontic Pacifier I was sent. I can however tell you about the great quality and specifics of them. The orthodontic shaped baglet and teething nubs are designed to massage and stimulate babies’ gums while naturally fitting in their mouths. They have little bumps on the shields surface which allows the air to circulate between babies’ skin and the pacifier which reduces irritation on their sensitive skin. These dummies are BPA Free and come in two size: 0-6m+ and 6-18m+. You will also find them in a variety of colours and prints from Chemist Warehouse for only $5.59.

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