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Phil & Teds Voyager Pram Review

Phil & Teds Voyager Pram Review

Leaving the house with one kid is a breeze. It gets a little tougher two and even more so with three or four.

So how do you carry around two young kids when you are out and about? More importantly with minimal fuss? My boys are 9 and 7 so they are old enough to walk and do things for themselves so they are not an issue. My daughters however are 3 and 10 months; this is where my struggle happens. My toddler cannot keep up with the amount of walking, running and exploring that we do as a family so she often ends up in the pram.
So where does bub end up? I end up carrying her in a baby carrier, which is fine but it isn’t always ideal.

This is where the Phil & Teds Voyager is my saviour. Way back when my boys were little we had a Phil & Teds Sport with the double seat and it was amazing!! So when I was approached with the opportunity to review the Phil & Teds Voyager pram I jumped at it. All I could think is that this would be perfect.

Phil & Teds Voyager

Phil & Teds Voyager – pros and cons

So is it any good? Is it worth the money?
In one word ‘YES’! This pram is great in both single and double seat use. It is versatile in more than one way.

Phil & Teds Voyager

Versatility and ease of use

I found this pram very easy to use. From the moment I pulled it out of the box and put it together to working out how the seats attached and moved, it was great.

I glides across most surfaces with ease but it does get a bit heavy to push when you have a toddler and bub in it. In saying that though, it still rolls smoothly and isn’t too hard once you get going. Or maybe I just need bigger muscles!

The tyres are puncture proof which is great because many years ago my husband thought it would be a good idea to pump up our Phil & Teds Sport pram with a service station air pump and blew them to bits, this removes his concern that the tyres are too flat! It also means you don’t have to worry about putting a hole in them by running over rocks, glass or other sharp objects.

The parcel tray is huge! This is a very important feature for me because having four kids means that I have to take a lot of extra stuff. It holds up to 10 kg and as you can see in the picture, my 10 month old can fit with room left for her toys, teddies and anything else she can manage to carry in there.
(Not that I push her around in there, she just loves to sit there when it is parked up at home.)

Phil & Teds Voyager

Weight and size

It is definitely not the lightest or smallest pram around but it certainly isn’t the bulkiest either. It may seem bigger though because I am used to the Mountain Buggy Swift which is quite small.

Weight – it is not too heavy but you do need two hands to put it into your car.

Size – it is definitely more compact than other double prams you see. It is thinner than side by side prams and shorter than twin inline prams and yet it still offers all the same features and more.

Phil & Teds Voyager

Seating options

Where do I start? The seats are supportive and can be used for one baby, twins, toddler or toddler and baby. Seating options include: lie flat, parent facing, forward facing or bassinet.
The double seat is just as versatile!

The lie flat mode (aka bassinet style) is built in to the pram so the seat doesn’t need to be taken off to put into the car or swapped and changed to achieve an upright seat. This makes it convenient and saves a lot of space when folding or storing.

The seat is taller which is great because it means my toddler can use it for longer and even though she isn’t the tallest kid, the large seat means she can sit or sleep with extra room than other compact prams.

Phil & Teds Voyager

How does it look?

It is a shmick looking pram! The colour of the fabric is gorgeous. I love that it is easy to clean, it is durable and the neutral colour makes it great for both boys and girls which is ideal when you have a child of both sexes using the pram.

Safety features?

The hand brake is fantastic! I love that they have moved the brake to the top of the pram in a convenient location. It is easy to activate but hard enough that you won’t accidently turn it off.

The sun hood is large and supplies kids with ample sun protection which is a great feature to have. It isn’t the sturdiest sun hood I have seen but it does provide a lot of cover and the second seat also comes with one now so both children can be protected.
I love that it also has a zipped pocket on it that is large enough for my phone, keys and a packet of rusks/biscuits.

At a glance

Tyres – Puncture proof tyres
Seating options – Large, supportive and versatile.
Four different options from one seat – lie flat, parent facing, forward facing or bassinet.
Parcel tray – Big parcel tray (up to 10kg)
Hand brake – Convenient placement and easy to use.
Folding – Easy to fold. Can fold with toddler seat attached.
Sunhood – Large sunhood with zipped compartment on pram. Sunhood also comes with second seat.

Moving – Heavier to push
Drink holder – It doesn’t come with a drink holder.

Phil & Teds Voyager

Do I like it?

Yes I absolutely do! It is the perfect pram for carrying my baby and toddler at the same time. They are both comfortable and relaxed in the pram and the recline of the seats are so easy. There is no stuffing around, no trying to hold or push a million things at once to get it to lay, change or fold.

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Have you had a Phil & Teds? What did you think of it?

Disclosure: I received the Phil & Teds Voyager for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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