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Sesame Street Ready For School Elmo Review + Giveaway

Becoming a ‘big kid’ is an exciting time for even the smallest of children. Especially when discussions about going to prep, kindergarten or school start. As a parent, you will start to question whether they are ready, are they independent enough and what should they actually know beforehand?

If your child is anything like mine, they can ‘do it myself’ and that growing confidence pushes them to want to learn more. But how do you teach a toddler that thinks they already know? With the help of interactive toys. Today we are going to share with you our Sesame Street Ready for School Elmo review to show you what we mean.

toddler playing with ready for school Elmo

Use toys to educate

By using toys to help toddlers and young children learn, you are taking away the pressure and stiffness of learning. Think about how you can include education in imaginative play, taking lessons from storybooks and utilising interactive toys as an assist in learning. Even the most mundane tasks can be turned into fun opportunities for learning.

Sesame Street Ready for School Elmo review

Calling all toddlers and Sesame Street fans!! Elmo is here with some exciting features to help kids get ready for school.


  • Fine motor skills – developing skills through Elmo’s shirt zip and shoelaces.
  • Learn to tie shoelaces
  • Count from 1-10
  • ABC’s

Ready for School Elmo review - ABC - 123

What we love

  • Your child is in control of how fast Elmo counts. Each time the ‘123’ foot is pushed it says another number.
  • Depending on how fast your child pushes the ‘ABC’ foot, will depend on how the feature will work. If they press it slow, it will say the letter and a word it starts with (eg. A is for Apple) however if they push faster, it will just say A, B, C, D, etc.
  • Each shoe has laces that children can learn to tie. This will require some assistance from you initially.
  • The zip doesn’t completely undo so you don’t have to keep fixing the bottom. Children can easily zip up and down.
  • Great quality with strong stitching. Built for young children.
  • Only requires 3x AAA batteries (so far they have lasted quite a while with regular use).

Ready for School Elmo review - zipper

What we don’t love

  • It says ‘Zee’ instead of ‘Zed’.
  • The battery compartment is not removable so cannot be machine washed. Spot clean only.

Sesame Street ready for school Elmo in box

Where to buy

The Ready for School Elmo is available from Big W and other independent retailers for RRP $39.00.

Fun loving Elmo is a great toy to encourage children aged 3+ to be independent and inadvertently get started on learning basic education concepts – such as counting and ABC’s. During the time we’ve been testing out the product for our ‘Ready for School Elmo review’, our three year old has shown much more interest in learning her ABC’s.

How do you encourage toddlers to learn their ABC’s and counting? Comment below!


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  1. Maggie Karner
    26/03/2019 / 2:42 pm

    What an excellent educational tool Elmo is. And even though he says “Zee”, this is an additional educational aspect. Children can learn about other countries and their language. Elmo is from United States of America and says ‘Zee’, we are from Australia and we say ‘Zed’.

  2. Maggie Karner
    26/03/2019 / 3:52 pm

    I have an alphabet and a number wooden puzzle. We play hide and seek out in the garden with all 26 letters and 10 numbers. I hide them and my grandson has to find them. As he finds them he has to tell me what he has found, then look at the puzzle board to discover what is still hidden.

  3. Tania
    27/03/2019 / 9:51 am

    We use different methods for counting and alphabet. A use in every day life, we use then wherever we can !

  4. Deanna
    27/03/2019 / 10:37 am

    Animal pictures painted on the walls with the letters of the alphabet they start with.

  5. Samara McRae
    27/03/2019 / 10:41 am

    We get something musical and sing along to it. It gets the kids excited to learn, then when they have the hang of it we do it without the music and singing.

  6. Lindsay
    27/03/2019 / 11:04 am

    Singing while playing encourages my son to learn his abc … making learning fun

  7. Krissy
    27/03/2019 / 11:08 am

    My 3yo is obsessed with elmo, this is one he doesn’t have, would be great for him to learn new things as he’s autistic this would be so helpful.

  8. Kellie warren
    27/03/2019 / 12:32 pm

    This is an amazing giveaway! My son absolutely loves elmo!

  9. Kara
    27/03/2019 / 1:38 pm

    counting is simple, Letters are fun
    Teaching your kids.. well I’m done.
    To win Elmo would be the greatest thing,
    It would help get me back into the swing ??

  10. Ryan H
    27/03/2019 / 1:43 pm

    My linking the letters to their food – I try and give them different foods all starting with different letters to encourage them to learn and sometimes put in alphabetical order.

  11. Sarah Williams
    27/03/2019 / 2:29 pm

    By singing songs, reading books and using animals to show the letter they start with and what noise they make. Wooden building blocks with the alphabet is also a great activity and lots of fun.

  12. Charlotte B
    27/03/2019 / 4:14 pm

    We have a letters chart in the living room and experiment with a letter each day to see how many words we can find that starts with it. Winner gets a sticker.

  13. Gabriella H
    27/03/2019 / 4:15 pm

    We make mini cookies/cakes in the shapes of letters which combines learning with my kids love of cooking.

  14. Peta Newsome
    27/03/2019 / 8:35 pm

    I get my kids to read signs when we are out and about.
    The ones that they partially know (due to marketing) are good too because it makes them feel more confident.

  15. Lucy S
    02/04/2019 / 1:43 pm

    My 4 year old SON;
    Will have so much FUN!
    With ‘Ready for School Elmo’
    He’s an education TOOL;
    To get my son ready for SCHOOL!
    We encourage him to learn his ABC’s and numbers with RYHMES;
    The key to learning is to repeat a number of TIMES!

  16. Jeanie
    04/04/2019 / 9:54 am

    My kids love the outdoors and its a great place to teach numbers and letters.
    We use chalk to write on the concrete, we play hopscotch with both letters and numbers.
    A treasure hunt is our favourite thing, my clues revolve around finding items that start with a letter and then counting them.
    Then there is the classic eye spy. It’s such a great letters game for the car.
    I find learning is all about what’s going to interest and get my childrens attention and running with it. Mixing the oldies up with new technology like some educational ipad games works well for us.
    Now that winter’s on it’s way we’d love Elmo for lots more indoor learning play. Especially for his shoes laces, it’s a tricky skill to master but we’re keen!

  17. Amanda
    08/04/2019 / 4:45 am

    Our fridge is like a bowl of alphabet soup, with magnetic letters to sort and group. Because I found I it makes the ABC much easier to say when learning is incorporated into play!

  18. Kate Slack
    09/04/2019 / 12:58 pm

    I always incorporated learning in everyday things such as counting how many apples we were buying at the supermarket just make it fun and they don’t realise they are even learning.

  19. blake haugen
    09/04/2019 / 8:10 pm

    We sing alot!! abc comes into everything I think Elmo will do a better job!! lol

  20. Sarahmary
    10/04/2019 / 1:18 pm

    Practising together by spelling out thing as we see them, like a cat or sun. Alphabet blocks and large sheets of butcher paper for painting our own numbers out

  21. Hellen Waltham
    10/04/2019 / 6:31 pm

    sing a long with elmo is just what the doctor ordered to help keep my disabled son occupied

  22. Lydia R
    13/04/2019 / 7:34 pm

    I got some alphabet magnets. When my son gets a letter right he can keep the letter for the fridge. If he needs help he asks and we just say D for daddy or whatever and the letter goes back in the box until the next day. He is super excited by the activity and is smashing it. He has about 8 letters to go. The bonus for us it the letters have not always been on the fridge where our two year old loves to do a clean sweep of them and get them all on the floor.

  23. Catherine
    13/04/2019 / 7:40 pm

    Elmo was my 3 yr olds first love.She still cuddles him to sleep

  24. Sarah Jane Blackaby
    14/04/2019 / 9:15 pm

    Songs- my son loves to sing. ABCs, phonics songs and counting songs like 5 little speckled frogs

  25. Danielle
    16/04/2019 / 3:42 pm

    Lots of verbal repetition of the ABC’s
    Helps my toddler Alistair learn with me
    We have a letter chart, a word chart and lots of books
    Alistair is able to say a letter now with one quick look

    Making counting fun for Alistair is also easily done
    We have a numbers chart, and watch his friend Elmo on Sesame Street
    Count Dracula has helped Alistair count to 3 without missing a beat
    Lots of encouragement with ABC’s and counting is the way to go

    Alistair is so obsessed with Elmo
    He would love to win this learn with this Elmo
    And take him to and fro!

  26. Marilyn Franklin
    16/04/2019 / 6:08 pm

    Ohhh Elmo… how bland the world would be without your mischievous giggles and high pitched voice. You haven’t aged a bit as kids continue to grow up with you.

  27. Jayne Jeacocke
    26/05/2019 / 12:58 pm

    Singing and dancing along to our favourite songs alot of repetition! Encouraging and singing along loudly! Joining Iin on their learning.

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