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Sexy Time – Part 2

As mentioned in the editorial last week ‘Sexy Time’ when I shared with you a man’s perspective on the very sensitive subject of premature ejaculation I will be sharing a woman’s point of view on the issue, well actually 2 women’s opinions. I would first like to say a huge thank you to both of these women (and the women who emailed me and left comments on their experiences) and also Matt*, all of whom were willing to share their thoughts and experiences with me for the purpose of these posts.

Jane* has been with her husband since she was in her early 20’s (now late 30’s) and admits that when it happened the first few times she put it down to him being an over-excited male who was obviously very eager. However as the months went on and the same thing continued to happen she began to realise that this may be a little more serious than your average enthusiasm when it came to having sex. She started to feel less like a lover and more like a housemate with little to no benefits. Now this could have been the breaking point in their relationship, however Jane decided that she would discuss her concerns with her husband and together they decided that if they wanted to continue to grow as a couple they would require some advice from their GP to help overcome this problem. Since that visit there has been the occasional premature ending however overall Jane is quite satisfied with their now very healthy, active and spontaneous sex life.

 Anne* on the other hand is in a sexless relationship due to constantly feeling disappointed in the bedroom. Ryan* has shut down every attempt of Anne’s to seek help from his doctor which has unfortunately resulted in her no longer wanting to be intimate with him. She has lost that feeling of closeness and connection with Ryan as a consequence and while at first she felt guilty about it, she is now just saddened by the fact that it has had such a negative effect on their relationship.

Every person and relationship will handle this situation differently and while one person may not mind in the slightest, it could be the breaking point for another. If you suffer from premature ejaculation or know someone who does, take control and check out http://www.controlpe.com.au/ or make an appointment to see your GP for more information.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those who shared their stories.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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