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Tips for hosting the perfect Summer barbecue

The warm weather is rolling in, the skies are blue and the picture-perfect great outdoors look fit for a banquet. It’s time to put the winter blues well behind you, drag out the barbecue and get your friends together for an afternoon of festivities, fun, and fine food. The first and most obvious order of the day is your barbecue, which will need to be cleaned up and made ready for action.

If you don’t have one already, you’re going to have to look for a grill that suits your needs. Whether your priority is size, fuel or portability, barbecue specialists like Barbeques Galore can determine the perfect grill for you – perhaps something from the new Ziegler & Brown range? Now that you’ve got the cooking equipment and utensils sorted, here are a few other tips to help you host the perfect summer barbecue.

Tips for hosting the perfect Summer barbecue

Hosting The Perfect Summer Barbecue

Look to the forecast

As beautiful as summer normally is, it can also be a bit volatile when it comes to changing weather conditions. Depending on where you are, the day can start bright and sunny, only to end with a menacing and violent summer storm. Before picking a date, check out the long term forecasts for an idea of the weather patterns on your preferred day. Admittedly, the sunshine won’t be guaranteed but at least you’ll have an idea and won’t be completely taken by surprise when the thunderheads roll in.

Hone the guest list

Most of us have friends from many different backgrounds and interests. Some will know each other and get on well; some will know each other but won’t be as close as buddies; others will not be familiar with your friends but mix well with strangers; and others still will be comfortable only with people they know. Carefully organise your guest list so you only have people of similar tastes and backgrounds to better help your fellow barbecue enthusiasts meet and mix. The best part of this strategy is it gives you an excuse to hold more barbecues for all your friends!

Simple and light food

You are not going to want to laden your guests with heavy food so they fall about like sand bags after they’ve eaten. The ideal barbecue is in the early to mid-afternoon. You want people to have a few drinks, eat and then socialise or even take part in a few sporting activities. Keep the food light and healthy, with chicken dishes and lean cuts of meat. Also have plenty of summer salads on hand.

Think beyond the food

If the plan is to feed your friends and send them on their way, the food is most likely the pinnacle of your barbecue. But if your intention is to host a wonderful afternoon that keeps your friends together for some fun and frivolity, you’re going to have to look beyond the food. What entertainment you provide will, of course, depend on the personalities of those who attend, but you might consider backyard games such as cricket or touch football. If you have a pool, use it for the afternoon’s activities.

The host of the perfect summer barbecue must be a Jack of all trades – part weather forecaster, part chef and part cruise director. It’s about making sure your guests are well fed and have a good time – this will ensure that everyone will want to return next time you send out invitations.

What other tips would you recommend for hosting the perfect Summer barbecue?

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