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5 AWESOME Nappy Bag Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Flustered, frumpy and frustrated because of all the crap you’re carrying around? Check out these unbelievable nappy bag hacks for new mothers!

Nappy bag filled with baby items | nappy bag hacks that will make your life easier

Nappy bag hacks that will make your life easier!

Ahh, the life of a new mother. It’s something that no one can really prepare you for. Yes, you knew you’d be tired. Yes, you know you’d be in love with your newest family member. But the thing you really didn’t know?

The insane amount of shit you’re expected to constantly lug around with you.

Like, seriously. It’s intense. Enough outfits for an unexpected detour to the shops via Antarctica. Enough wet wipes to solve the drought crisis. Enough tiny pieces of Tupperware to run your own goddamn Tupperware party.

I HEAR you, babe. But I’ve got the secret. 5 AWESOME nappy bag hacks that are designed to cut down on your stressed flailing and give a dramatic boost to your kicking-back-wit’-yo-mum-friends chill time.

Nappy bag hacks 1: A mum is not an island

When I was a new mum, I would pack for Australia. I would pack for the Southern Hemisphere. You want spare socks? I had ten pairs. Need a dummy? Try six of them. Looking for that toy the kid hasn’t been interested in for three weeks? RIGHT HERE, LADY.

Then I realised – where am I actually going? Is this Bourke and Wills or is this a trip to the local Westfield? If I run out of wipes from this half-empty packet while I’m out – can’t I just buy more? If the kid wants food, I can just buy food from this place where all the food is. Too easy.

Nappy bag hacks 2: Backpacks aren’t just for school kids

Those fancy nappy bags sure are something, aren’t they? Wow. So fancy. Pockets and zips and a huge price tag to go along with it.

You know what else works really well and leaves you hands-free? A BACKPACK. Hello, 1990’s, it’s me. And I’ve come back for my backpack. I can fit in water bottles, phones, wallets, keys, outfits, snacks, toys and a cool new Beastie Boys style attitude. I said a hip, hop. A hippy to the hip to the hip hip hop.

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Nappy bag hacks 3: A little prep goes a long way

Be ruthless. After each trip out, reassess what you’re taking. What did you need? Make sure that’s always there. What’s gone out a few times and isn’t wanted anymore? Like my ex-boyfriend, that too will be thrown onto the junk heap of life. Sayonara, baby!

Nappy bag hacks 4: Compartmentalise that shit

Playing Tetris as a kid was actually just preparation for this. Pack as small, military and precisely as you can. Fold, twist, roll, Origami. Do whatever you have to do to take up as little space as possible. Labels, colours, whatevz. COMPARTMENTS FOR DAYS.

Nappy bag hacks 5: The smart squirrel hides nuts for the winter

This is the one that all experienced mamas NEED to share.
Store things in secret places.

Glove boxes are great. Your husband’s pants pockets are also great. Secretly hoarding things at your MIL’s? Priceless. A little ingenuity and you’ll have baby supplies spread out all over the city like some weird doomsday prep survivalist.

Nappy bag hacks! You are WELCOME

Enjoy, ladies. I’ll just be over here, revelling in a well-packed nappy bag that leaves my arms free for cool dance moves and eating ice-creams.

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