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Chilli and Chorizo Fettuccine Recipe

 We are all busy these days and it is always good to have some quick meals as a back up. My chilli and chorizo fettuccine recipe is quick, easy and budget friendly.
Prepared, cooked and on the table in under 20 minutes!

Chilli and Chorizo Fettuccine Recipe

Serves 4
3x chorizo sausages
1x small onion
1x tbs chunky garlic
1.5x tbs basil
1 tsp – 1 tbs x chilli (depending on how spicy you like it!)
400g fettuccine
1x jar of Dolmio pasta sauce (you can make the Nap sauce if you prefer)
1x tsp sugar (this prevents the sauce going bitter)


1.  Boil water for pasta.
2.  Dice onion, slice chorizo and fry.
3.  Add fettuccine to water only when it is boiling.
4.  Add garlic, basil and chilli to chorizo and onion.
5.  Cook it off, you will smell amazing aromas as they entwine.
6.  Drain fettuccine when cooked.
7.  Add sauce to pan and stir gently until hot.
8.  Mix in sugar.
9.  Stir fettuccine through.
10. Serve to your grateful family with Parmesan cheese.
11. Leave the dishes for someone else!


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