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CoolXChange Compression Bandage Review – What You Need To Know

Accident prone – check. Have children – check. Tired of holding bags of frozen peas on injuries – check.

I am one of the most accident-prone people you will meet. I think I inherited that gene from my mum. And just like me, my kids are also clumsy. Doesn’t that just make things extra exciting?!

Do I also keep a fully stocked first aid kit? Hell yes, I do! It’s complete with bandages, bandaids, tweezers, scissors, gloves, antiseptic, saline, gauze and a CoolXChange compression bandage.

CoolXChange bandages

CoolXChange gel bandage review

I have used the CoolXChange compression bandage on a number of occasions now and I am a huge fan! There are a number of things I like about CoolXChange but let’s start with the obvious, compression.

It isn’t uncommon for me to hurt my overworked ankles when running or playing with the kids, and as anyone who suffers these joint injuries will know, compression is a godsend. Add this to the fact the CoolXChange compression bandage also cools simultaneously and you have yourself an all in one ‘no ice needed’ solution.

The cooling and compression from this bandage relieves pain and minimises my swelling which I have found quite surprising but incredibly welcomed!

Reusable gel bandage

I like to think of myself as a reasonably thrifty person. So I like it when I can use items more than once and this bandage does not disappoint. You can cut it to whatever size you need and when you are done, simply roll it back onto the remainder of the bandage. Press it in place for a second and it will hold. Then you put it back into the resealable packet for use at a later date.

coolxchange compression bandage out of packet and unrolled

Where does the gel go?

You may be wondering what happens to the gel. Well, it stays in the bandage. Despite the assumption that it would leave sticky or slimy residue on my skin after I removed it, it did not. There was no mess and nothing to wipe off. I couldn’t believe it!

After the bandage has been used a number of times and becomes slightly dry, you can add a tiny bit of water to it and seal it back up in the bag. It will be just like new the next time you need it!

CoolXChange compression bandage review snapshot

  • Compression
  • Cooling – no refrigeration required
  • Reusable
  • Affordable
  • Not sticky or slimy
  • Pain relief

Would I recommend? Absolutely!
I highly recommend every household having at least one CoolXChange compression bandage. I keep one at home and one in each of our cars. Because well, accidents and clumsiness!

You can find out more about the nitty-gritty details here or you can read about when my 4 year-old daughter thought she was a professional gymnast and sprained her ankle.

If you aren’t convinced you want to spend the $15 on one yet, ENTER this giveaway.

CoolXChange gel bandages

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