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Get Fit, Stay Comfortable, Be Supported | SRC Activate

Get Fit, Stay Comfortable, Be Supported | SRC Activate

Fitness for mums

So I mentioned on blog recently that I am taking action to get fit and healthy. I want to get back into shape after having bub #4 and plan on keeping active by making changes to my lifestyle.
You can read about my struggle to keep fit here.

After talking to the wonderful crew at SRC Health (the great team behind pregnancy recovery shorts), I decided that I would give their active wear a go. I do not just wear active wear for the sake of wearing it but definitely do when I’m working out. And let’s face it, the SRC Recovery Shorts are undeniably amazing for both during and after pregnancy so I figured their Activate range would be just as good.

I opted to test out four items from the SRC Activate range; the women’s compression capri, women’s sports tee, women’s sports tank and the women’s sports jacket as we tend to get cold windy days even in spring. I will share below what I thought about each.

SRC Activate compression capri

SRC Women’s Compression Capri

The moment I pulled these compression tights up over my jiggly bits I felt more supported. Everywhere from my legs, lower back and even my pelvic floor were more supported. I suddenly had more confidence in myself and was less concerned about my abdominal region.

I think this had a lot to do with the way these compression capris are designed. The SRC Activate capri features Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) for the pelvic floor, lower back and legs. Being designed for women and knowing that SRC are the ‘go to’ in postpartum recovery, it is no surprise these are a comfortable yet supportive option for all women.
They offer support everywhere you want it (and even places you didn’t think you needed it) by incorporating a specialised fabric technology designed to help improve muscle tone and pelvic stability.

After reading about how great these capris were, I had high hopes and put them to the ultimate test. I had been slack and hadn’t been on a mountain hike in a long time and knew I would be hurting the next day. A lot. But I wasn’t. Yes my muscles ached but they weren’t weak and sore like I predicted, it could be a case of muscle memory helping but I think it may have been a joint effort.

RRP – $149.00 *Health Fund Rebates available

SRC Activate sport tank top

SRC Activate Women’s Sports Tank

The fabric on this tank was super soft and didn’t scratch against your skin but I did find it to be a tad too clingy for my liking. In saying that, I do prefer my tops to be looser fitting so it could very well just be a matter of preference. It was comfortable though and the mesh panel on the back allowed your body to breathe while you sweat and worked out.

RRP – $69.95

SRC Activate sports tee

SRC Activate Women’s Sports Tee

The women’s sports tee is so lightweight that keeping cool while working out is not a problem. Yes you sweat like you should when pushing yourself but thanks to the breathable fabric and mesh insert at the back of the neck, it isn’t to the point where you are dripping wet because you over overheating.
I quite liked this top; it was comfortable wear, it didn’t rub or scratch and it offers UPF 30+ protection!

RRP $49.95

SRC Activate sports jacket

SRC Activate Women’s Sports Jacket

I love this jacket! It has so many great features.

It is lightweight and spray resistant which has meant I’ve been able to continue running rain, hail or shine. It is perfect for early mornings or late afternoon activities when the temperature is a bit cooler and thanks to the perforated panels under the arms you don’t feel restricted and clammy when you get a sweat up.

The jacket has bungee and toggle adjustments at the hem and around the detachable hood so you can obtain the perfect fit. The pockets are a great size for storing keys and what not while on the go and they zip up so you don’t have to worry about losing your things.
Safety is very important to me which is yet another reason I love this jacket; it has reflective printed logos for when it is a little dark out. But most importantly, the sports jacket is so unbelievable comfortable to run, climb and explore in!

RRP $149.95

Overall the women’s compression capris and the sports jacket are my favourites. I wear them pretty much every time I hit pavement running or climbing the mountains because they are comfortable, supportive and high quality.

If you are looking for active wear that makes you feel amazing and supports your body while you exercise, this is it!

SRC Discount code
SRC Health have very kindly offered $25 OFF the range to All Mum Said readers so you can see firsthand how supportive the SRC Activate range really is!

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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