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Telstra Essentials Tab 7” Review

Purchasing technology is not an easy task. There is so much available and while they all so similar, they are so very different. Not to mention the varying prices.

So how do you choose which tablet is going to suit your needs and worth the money you are spending on it? There are a few things you need to take into consideration, most importantly, who will be using it.

Telstra Essentials Tab 7”

Telstra Essentials Tablet 7”

For the past couple of months I have been testing out a Telstra Essentials Tab and the results have been surprisingly positive. Technology is a very personal thing; you will have your preference of operating system, brand and specs. For me, I use a Samsung phone and on occasion my iPad however the kids love their Samsung tablets. I had almost discounted the Telstra tab before I had even tried it and I will admit it, I was wrong to do so.

Telstra Essentials Tab 7” Review
My husband, the kids and myself have all used the Telstra Essentials Tablet 7” so we could get a well-rounded and unbiased review. Here is what we thought:


Fast – It loads, downloads and does everything you need it to quickly. I am not great with the technical info of processing speeds but I can say that it was a lot faster than I was expecting. From being turned off, it loaded faster than the iPad. (That could be because it is new or because the iPad has a lot of stuff on it, but still it was quite quick)
Graphics – The picture is crisp. Screen has a little bit of glare but nothing worth complaining about.
Sound – The speaker is on the back which muffles sound a little bit if your hand is over it but ultimately loud and clear.
Lightweight – The Alcatel Telstra Essentials Tab 7” is lightweight and can comfortably fit in one hand.
Quality – It doesn’t feel like a cheap, flimsy tablet. Given the fact they are only $79, they are fantastic!
• Android operating system
WiFi – Uses SIM card if you need data internet on the go and can use WiFi at home.
Expandable storage – Has a micro SD card slot.
Price – $79!!

Telstra Essentials Tab 7” Review


Physical home button – This is a personal preference thing but it doesn’t have a physical home button.
• Locked in to Telstra network.

Given how affordable this tablet is, I can honestly say that during the time of using this device for the Telstra Essentials Tab 7” review, I am converted. While I wouldn’t use it for my own ‘everyday tablet’, it is perfect for kids and those that need a device that is easy to use and offers most of the features the more expensive brands and models offer. For $79.00 this is a great buy!

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Do you have a Telstra Essentials Tab 7”? Share your thoughts below!

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