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Why Straw Bags Are Good For Mums

Spring is here ladies and this season, it’s all about the straw bags! A bit of a flashback to 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when wicker bags really came to be seen as stylish.

However, no longer are straw bags just an accessory for markets and the beach, women have now given the woven handbag have an all-access pass. They are part of everyday attire and even used as nappy bags for those mums looking to keep up with fashion trends.

woman at beach reading book with straw bag

Why are mums choosing straw bags?

There are a number of things that the raffia or otherwise known as wicker bags have that are catching the attention of mums. They include:

Various sizes – the various sizes of straw bags makes them the perfect accessory for mums (and women in general). For those wanting to fit all the essentials… aka snacks, nappies, change of clothes, etc. the bigger the better. But for women chasing style and carry just the basics… phone, wallet, keys, etc. there are plenty of smaller styles on the market.

Stylish – if you want on-trend summer straw bags there are plenty of options available at many different price points. There is a style to suit everyone – beach bag, tote bags, round bags and circle bags.

Easy to clean – with surface marks – dab dust with soapy mixture and a cotton rag. Lay the bag on its side and let it dry completely away from heat.
Other mess – you can easily shake out any sand or dirt that the bag picks up.

If you are looking for straw bags that are made to last and that you won’t find anywhere else in Australia, check out Temples and Markets. They ethically source their bags directly from Asian designers and artisans. Mums are no longer asking why straw bags are good and are instead choosing the accessory as their staple fashion item.

Have you jumped on this fashion trend? What do you love about it?

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