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May Gibbs Gift Ideas + Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY

Every family has their traditions. And every parent remembers that one special thing their parents used to do for them when they were little. For some, it is baking grandmas’ secret cookie recipe, while for others it might be a certain storybook at bedtime.

mum reading bedtime story to daughter

The memories, the nostalgia, the future

Growing up I remember my mum baking the best jam drops and ANZAC biscuits, recipes that I now use for my kids. The smell when they are pulled out of the oven takes me straight back to my childhood.
Fast forward to today, I continue another tradition. Every night I read the kids a bedtime story and 9 times out of 10, it is a May Gibbs Gumnut Babies book. Just like me, my kids will reminisce about the tales and adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

The memory of mum sitting on the edge of the bed while we all huddle around her, listening to the funny voices and life lessons as she reads the May Gibbs classics. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the original books from my childhood but being very avid campers, my girls love the adventures of Tales From the Camp Fire.

May Gibbs tales from around the camp fire book

One hundred year anniversary of May Gibbs Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

It is no surprise that one hundred years on, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are just as adored as they ever were. Past generations have enjoyed them and by keeping up traditions like these, we are keeping these stories alive for future generations.

May Gibbs gumnut baby necklace

May Gibbs Mother’s Day gift ideas

Are you sick of the ‘World’s Best Mum’ mugs and want something a little more cute and quirky? Show the kids these adorable May Gibbs Mother’s Day gift ideas and you could receive something a little more sentimental. A little more nostalgic.

A precious limited edition Nuttybub Necklace from Erstwilder is a great way to add a little pop of vintage to your outfit. The adorable little gumnut baby designs are produced from original illustrations and are hand assembled, hand painted and hand finished. The detail put into these is beautiful and it is a piece you will treasure forever. There are also matching earrings available that are incredibly cute!

You can find this May Gibbs necklace and other merchandise here.

May Gibbs gumnut baby necklace Erstwilder

Mother’s Day giveaway

To celebrate all those special bonding moments between mums and their kids, May Gibbs has a giveaway just for you.

Open from now until 11.59pm 27th April, 2018.


May Gibbs Mother's Day giveaway

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